Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crush with Link-liner

I noticed that this blog does not rate very highly to Google. If you like it and want to spread the word, please post the link to your various forums, comment threads and whereever around the internets. The FB group is fine and good, but we can't force everyone to sign up for that site, so here news and upcoming events and plans and efforts can be discussed and organized.


  1. 8 ways you can help save the great 88.1, KTXT-FM, the 47 year old, 35,000 watt, student-run radio station at Texas Tech University right now!

    1. Join our, "SAVE KTXT-FM 88.1" Facebook page to show support, hear the latest developments, news, and ways to help get the student-run radio station back on air at Texas Tech!

    2. Tell everyone you know, who you think cares about college radio - and educate others on why they should care too.

    3. Alert national media that this is really a story they should be paying attention to, college radio is important to all of us having a voice, even if you don't actively listen - call anyone you know personally at these places and ask for their help personally.

    4. Call the lady who pulled the plug and express your concerns and dissenting opinions: Susan Peterson, Director of Student Media: 806.742.3388

    5. Call the people who she answers to and ask them why they aren't working harder to reverse this decision and find "funding" for this program on campus, and supporting the students wishes: Jan Childress, Associate VP for Student Affairs: 806.742.2691, Michael Shonrock, VP of Student Affairs: 806.742.4360

    6. Email your personal stories of support for college radio and why this program should be saved to these people:,, and

    7. Post comments on the currently published articles about the undercover silencing of KTXT-FM, such as the ones on:

    8. Email suggestions and offers to help the cause, (Bill Gates, feel free to email us!), to the current KTXT station manager Blake Porter: