Saturday, December 13, 2008


Orders were to shoot Bob Geldof on sight. To some fortune, he did not care and had no plans to attend the event.
Last night Jake's played host to a hastily assembled benefit concert for KTXT. La Panza, One Wolf, Thrift Store Cowboys, Coquelicot, Go to Hell, The Attack!, Gabriiel Unspellablelastname and DJing courtesy Ctrl-Z. IT WAS A THING! Attendance reached 370! Asses were rocked! Money was gained! I have fans! I do not trust that they are normal or sane persons!
Narcissism aside, it was amazing to see the outpouring of support and fermenting indignation from the community. Many of them weren't even part of the FB group, but we made sure they left with the proper addresses to educate their brainmeats. The station-in-exile spoke about the situation to inform those present that yes, what happened is total bullshit, and we will be fighting it hard.
LubbockOnline's Spotted and local photographer Kurt Hunt were on hand to record this joyous and life-affirming event. I will bring their galleries to you as soon as they are available/sobriety sets in.

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