Thursday, December 11, 2008

Add your voice!

Submit your experiences with KTXT and thoughts on its dissolution here. Email me at with your story or to request posting privileges on this blog. You may also be interested in following the following Twitter accounts: onetruejp, john_shields, sarah_arnold, wombat881, michaelduff, imamthemaster.

We have a Facebook group as well: SAVE KTXT 88.1. Join and voice your support and let us know of efforts on other social networking platforms.


  1. I lived in lubbock for 18 years. KTXT was my most listened to radio station. I visit my family in lubbock at least 6 times a year, one of the things i look forward to most is being able to hear KTXT. It is a great radio station that helped me discover hundreds of new bands and songs that I never would have heard otherwise. I cant support KTXT financially, but I would drive back to Lubbock today if it meant saving my favorite radio station.

  2. good luck friends, we're doing what we can...